Call outcome logging


Call outcome logging

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Call outcome logging

Call Outcome Logging

When a call is completed, Voiso sends call data to the CRM.


To use the Call Outcome Logging webhook, you must first enable it in the Voiso System Settings. Navigate to Administration > System Settings and enable the Call Outcome Logging checkbox.

After enabling the Call Outcome Logging webhook feature, complete the following configuration settings:

  • URL: The URL of your CRM API.

Call Outcome Logging API settings in Administration System Settings


After each call, Voiso sends data for the specified endpoint by POST.

Sent Object

    "uuid": "07771c38-c159-4965-a878-be0162118b2b",
    "agent_extension": "111",
    "start_time": 1630664544.661,
    "end_time": 1630664575.994,
    "type": "callback",
    "duration": 31.333,
    "disposition": "answered",
    "ani": "443336006114",
    "dnis": "18885658889"


uuidstringcall uuid
agent_extensionstringuser extension number
start_timenumbercall start time in unix timestamp
end_timenumbercall end time in unix timestamp
typestringcall typeinbound, outbound, dialer, callback, outbound_sms
durationnumbercall duration in seconds
dispositionstringend call reasonanswered, failed, busy, no_answer, missed, abandoned, rejected, dialer_abandoned, system_abandoned, answered_by_VM, system_reject, machine_answered
anistringorigination number
dnisstringdestination number
account_idstringthe customer’s ID (name) from CRM. Valid for c2c calls only.

Note: If the client or CRM responds that there are no POST messages on the specified URL, there might be an error in the domain, or the cluster IP might not be allow-listed. Try to open the domain of the specified URL in a browser or ping the from the example. Ensure that the SSL certificate is correct.