Security log streaming to SQS


Security log streaming to SQS

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Security log streaming to SQS

Security log streaming to SQS

Use the one-way Security Log Streaming to Amazon SQS integration to stream security event logs from Voiso to Amazon Web Services' Simple Queue Service (AWS SQS) for client-end processing outside of Voiso.

Stream security events to AWS SQS

The Security Log Streaming to Amazon SQS integration automatically streams Voiso security events to your Amazon Simple Queue Service (AWS SQS) fully managed message queueing service. You do not have to create an application or use webhooks. Use your own or a third-party application to process the events to support your security policies by searching for violations.

Voiso sends the following security events:

  • Application login (app_login)
    • incorrect_password: The number of attempts to log in with an incorrect password exceeds 3.
    • deleted_user: Attempt to log into a deleted account.
    • successful_login: Successful login attempt.
    • unauthorized_ip: Attempt to log in from an unauthorized IP address.
    • ip_changed: Source IP changed.
  • User (user)
    • user_added: New user added.
    • user_deleted: Existing user deleted.
    • password_changed: User password changed.
    • privileges_updated: User privileges updated.
  • Allowed IP (allowed_ip)
    • ip_added: New IP address authorized.
    • ip_removed: IP removed from the list of authorized addresses.
    • ip_changed: An existing IP address changed.

Note: This communication channel only sends information in one direction. You CANNOT retrieve any records via the interface.