Error codes


Error codes

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Error codes

Error Codes

Voiso uses standard HTTP response codes to convey the outcome of an API request precisely:

  • 2xx codes indicate successful execution.
  • 4xx codes indicate errors resulting from incomplete or incorrect input information.
  • 3xx codes indicate redirection. The requested resource is accessible elsewhere on the server.
  • 5xx codes indicate errors originating from issues on the Voiso server side.

Tip: Consult the endpoint documentation for a more granular understanding of HTTP response codes.

200OKThe request is successfully completed.
201CreatedThe requested resource is successfully created.
204No ContentThe request is successfully completed, and there is no content in response.
301Moved PermanentlyThe requested resource is moved successfully.
400Bad requestThe request could not be completed due to a client-related error.
401UnauthorisedThe request is unsuccessful as it lacks valid authentication credentials for the resource.
403Access forbiddenThe user does not have the required permissions assigned to their role.
404Not FoundThe requested resource or endpoint is not found.
405Method Not AllowedThe requested resource is found but it does not support the HTTP method used.
424Unprocessable EntityThe request syntax is correct, but there are validation errors.
429Too Many RequestsThe rate limit is exceeded.
500Internal Server ErrorServer encountered an unexpected condition.

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