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Campaigns overview

The Campaigns API enables you to manage your Voiso Dialer campaigns. It allows you to integrate Voiso dialer configuration and attributes with external applications using REST API.

What you can achieve with Campaign API

Campaigns API enables you to obtain a list of campaign IDs from your contact center and add contacts to a live outbound dialer campaign.

List Campaign

The List Campaign method retrieves the list of all Dialer campaigns in your contact center that you have permission to view.

You can use the List Campaign method for applications such as the following:

  • Get a summary of all past and current Dialer campaigns
  • Create a picklist of all campaigns to chain them programmatically

Tip: Use the Campaigns API GET request to obtain the ID, or you can obtain the ID from the Campaigns table on the Voiso Dialer campaigns page.

Add Contacts to Campaign

The Add contacts method enables you to programmatically add multiple contacts to an active Dialer campaign. For example, you can enable third-party automation to add contacts based on certain conditions, such as adding a contact to the “Exclusive Sales” campaign when a new lead is created in your CRM.

The following attributes are supported for a new contact:

  • Phone number: (Mandatory) The contact's phone number in E.164 format.
  • Contact name: The contact's name is displayed on the agent’s softphone when the call is connected.
  • Contact source: Where the contact record was obtained.
  • Contact URL: The URL for the CRM screen pop of the contact's record.

Important: To use contact names, sources, and URLs, contact your Voiso representative.


  • Maximum contacts: Each Add contacts API call supports a maximum of 1000 new contacts. The Campaigns API verifies the phone numbers to ensure they are valid and unique. Invalid or duplicate records are rejected.
  • Rate limiting: Voiso recommends not invoking multiple simultaneous Add contacts API calls to the same campaign. Wait at least two seconds after the first request is complete before invoking a second one. If processing is not complete, a new request will be rejected.