Call Notify

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Call Notify

Call Notify

To help agents verify the name and other information about an inbound, outbound, or blind-transferred caller, you can send a request to a CRM that supports the display of a contact information page based on the calling number. The Call Notify webhook sends a message from Voiso to the CRM to enable the CRM to open the contact information page.

The callNotify webhook supports GET and POST request methods.


To use the Call Notify webhook, you must first enable it in the Voiso System Settings. Navigate to Administration > System Settings, and click Enabled.

After enabling the Call Notify webhook feature, complete the following configuration settings:

  • URL: The URL of your CRM API.
  • Authorisation token: (optional) Requests are sent with the specified token in the request header. The default is blank, meaning no token is sent in the request header.
  • Token prefix: (optional, required for the token) Requests are sent with the specified token prefix in the request header. The default is blank, meaning no token prefix is sent in the request header.
  • HTTP request method: Select either GET or POST. GET is the default selection.

Call Notify API settings in Administration System Settings


Voiso sends a GET or POST message to the specified endpoint when an agent gets an inbound call, an agent or dialer makes an outbound call, or an agent blind transfers a call.

Sent Query

"callcenter": "client_name",
"type": "inbound",
"uuid": "07771c38-c159-4965-a878-be0162118b2b",
"agent_extension": "111",
"agent_name": "John Smith",
"agent_email": "",
"agent_id": 1,
"queue_name": "Inbound queue name",
"script_name": "Inbound script name",
"call_start_time": 1630664544.661,
"agent_start_time": 1630664545.123,
"ani": "443336006114",
"dnis": "18885658889"

Example Query:


callcenterstringcontact center name
typecall typestringinbound, outbound, dialer
uuidstringcall uuid
agent_extensionstringuser extension number
agent_namestringagent name
agent_emailstringagent email
agent_idintegeragent id
queue_namestringqueue name
script_namestringscript name
call_start_timenumbercall start time in unix timestamp
agent_start_timenumberagent call start time in unix timestamp
anistringorigination number
dnisstringdestination number


A new GET request is sent if the call is transferred from one agent to another.

Data from the second agent fill the following fields:

  • agent_extension
  • agent_email
  • agent_id
  • agent_start_time.

All other data remains the same.