Raw Data Streaming to SQS

Raw Data Streaming to SQS

Raw Data Streaming to SQS

Voiso provides raw data streaming from the Call Details Record (CDR) webpage to Amazon’s Simple Queue Service (AWS SQS) for client-end processing.

Note: This simplex communication channel only sends information in one direction. You CANNOT retrieve any records using this interface. Voiso cannot interact with your data once it is on AWS SQS.


To use the Raw Data Streaming to AWS SQS pre-built integration, you must first enable it in the Voiso System Settings. Navigate to Administration > System Settings, and click Enabled in the AWS SQS Settings section.

After enabling the AWS SQS feature, specify the following parameters as defined by your Amazon account:

  • Queue URL
  • Access Key ID
  • Secret Access Key

AWS SQS raw data streaming settings in Administration System Settings


Sent Object

  "type": "outbound",
  "uuid": "c5fbf489-d054-403c-979b-f08d254ba569",
  "agent_name": "TM",
  "duration": 557.251,
  "team_names": "Donkey Team, NK/team",
  "talk_time": 554.987,
  "callcenter_uuid": "8dfdaa1b-b40d-4e47-bce4-1ce0f05f87b8",
  "agent_extension": "22822",
  "disposition": "answered",
  "hangup_reason": "agent",
  "start_time": 1578614623.585,
  "end_time": 1578615180.836,
  "dnis": "5001",
  "ani": "4402078878888"


typestring (15)call typeinbound, outbound, dialer, click_to_call, outbound_sms
uuidstring (36)call id
agent_namestring (225)agent_name
durationfloatcall duration (including dialing time)
team_namesstring (2048)team name
talk_timefloatbillable call duration
callcenter_uuidstring (36)call center id
agent_extensionstring (15)agent extension
dispositionstring (36)call dispositionanswered, failed, busy, no_answer, missed, abandoned, rejected, dialer_abandoned, system_abandoned, answered_by_VM, system_reject, machine_answered
hangup_reasonstring (225)call termination reason
start_timefloatcall start time (by contact center time zone)
end_timefloatcall end time (by contact center time zone)
dnisstring (24)origination number
anistring (24)destination number